Our innovation methods can be loosely described as following 5 basic steps:

1. Understand the client’s aims, the market’s needs and the technology and identify the possible constraints from the outset. The constraints are queried and challenged during the life of the project but we believe that it is of paramount importance to have accurate perceptions.

2. Observe how people use similar currently available products and identify the short comings. Select a number of users as the external design review.

3. Visualise the new concept of the product. Brain-storming the many possible solutions is possibly the most intensive aspect of the project. Use computer rendering and/or simulation plus rapid prototyping. We believe that the ‘touch and feel’ of a new product is very important for us and even more important for the client.

4. Assess, Evaluate, Refine the prototype. We do not get too attached to the idea frozen in the first prototype: the product will change. We firmly believe that no idea is so good that it cannot be improved upon so we plan for subsequent improvement. Our external associates will assist with the incremental improvements to the product design

5. Implementation is possibly the most challenging aspect; we believe that true innovation will frequently lead to innovative processes and solutions. We follow our product from its inception to manufacture.



Industrial Design of Freedom Wheelchair completed inhouse with structured development process.



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