The ability to introduce new products quickly is vital to any company that hopes to expand its market share and maintain product differentiation. The strategic importance of product innovation to profitability is now clearly recognised.

Over the past 10 years LP&A has successfully worked on the rapid development of new products using a concurrent engineering approach. We have developed a concurrent engineering flow path designed for:

products developed for plastic resins and other materials
local and industry sector conditions
attaining short lead times for introduction of new products to the market
maximum profitability

Our company is able to take an idea at any stage of development and carry out the R&D necessary to determine whether or not the idea can be made into a viable, profitable product.

We are then able to translate the work into a prototype, develop the most suitable process for manufacture and set up the necessary infrastructure to produce the finished product. We have managed the development of products on every level, from the smallest jobs for individuals to multimillion-dollar international projects.


Project Management of the Camatic Stadium Seating System.



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