The possibilities of nanotechnology are literally limitless.
Like micro technology it is revolutionary technology that will completely change the way we do many things.

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology stretch across the whole spectrum of science: medicine, physics, engineering and chemistry.
The applications will be even more far reaching than microtechnology which gave us all our modern communications equipment. Nanotechnology will materially impact many of the largest existing markets during the next 10 years, and will be the technology behind a large percentage of emerging businesses. Businesses ignore the potential of nanotechnology at their peril.

To keep abreast of the rapid advances in the science Lu Papi takes an active role in University and business organisations that teach and inform about nanotechnology.
LP&A is working to link science and engineering to produce improved products for our clients. We approach nanotechnology simply:

• Identify the property or properties the client wants to enhance
• Decide which manufacturing process is needed and how it would impact on the client’s operation
• Identify the best nanotechnology for the application


Nanotechnology will Enhance Material Properties.



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