Quantum Stadium Seating

The Quantum Stadium Seating is a modular, re-configurable seating system with in-seat information services. It provides comfortable, ergonomically designed seating for stadium and arena environments.

Lu Papi & Associates and Konstrukt Design designed this system from scratch for Camatic Seating, Melbourne, who wanted a radically different design that would set the product way out in front of the competition.

The Quantum system shells, back and armrests are made using gas assisted injection moulding. The plastic components are consequently both very light and very strong. The advanced formula polypropylene resin was made specially for the project and was the first fire retardant and UV stabilised resin ever developed.



Australian Design Award Winner.

The chairs are mounted on an anodised aluminium beam with easy lock on, lock off mechanism. Installation requires minimal on site labour and each chair can be separately removed for maintenance.
The Quantum system is now installed in many stadiums and sports facilities around the world.



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