Cochlear Insertion Device

Cochlear came to us in February 2002 wanting a tool that would assist doctors with the difficult task of insertion of the Cochlear Bionic Ear into the cochlear of a patient. The device had to have a push-pull action similar to a syringe.

Lu Papi & Associates worked with Cochlear to translate a rough prototype hand made out of biro pen bodies and paper clips into a functional design for a manufacturable device.
We carried out a detailed design of the Insertion Device as required for the injection moulding process.

We examined the characteristics of many raw materials and selected the most appropriate one to meet the many stringent requirements for a bio-medical product such as this. It had to be compatible with the sterilisation process selected by Cochlear;



Australian Design Award Winner.

We obtained engineering analysis to optimise the design and had rapid prototyping carried out on the final design.
The final product was presented to a medical conference in Manchester in 2002.



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