Piggy-Back Syringe.

The Piggy-Back Syringe was developed in house at Lu Papi & Associates to fill a known gap in the drug administration market.

The system incorporates 2 separate chambers each containing a different drug or mixing medium which need to be mixed together immediately prior to injection. The Piggy-Back Syringe system is designed to reduce the time and waste as well as eliminate the potential for human error in this process.

This is the fourth syringe with which LP&A has been involved. Our reputation in fine tolerance, mass production of plastic assemblies is well known within the moulding industry.

LP&A has patented the Piggy-Back syringe and its many unique features.

Many product's success depends on the design's ability to provide simplicity in ease of manufacture and assembly through to use and disposal. LP&A prides itself on a holistic approach to product design.



Designed In House - The Piggy-Back Syringe.



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