RiTract Single Use Syringe.

The Ritract syringe is a single use safety syringe designed with a retractable needle.

The needle is automatically disabled after injection and after a single use; the inner barrel and needle retract inside the main barrel. Once retracted inside the syringe, the needle is securely locked in place to reduce risk of needle stick injury or reuse of the syringe.

The needle is used in the same method as a non-retractable syringe, however once the substance is fully injected, the retraction mechanism is automatically engaged and the needle and inner barrel are triggered for retraction.

Lu Papi & Associates played a key role in the development of this medical device. The extremely fine tolerances required by this design meant that high quality toolmaking and injection moulders were a must.

The highly competitive market for syringes demanded that the component design be sensitive to the market price issues as well as intuitive to use.



Ritract Single Use Safety Syringe.



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