Silence Air.

Silenceair acoustic vents are unique. Using patented technology, they allow fresh air to circulate freely through your home while keeping out 85% of the noise that would enter through an open window.

The Silenceair system is environmentally sustainable, requires no energy to operate, uses recycled materials and is itself recyclable. It can be used as part of a whole-home ventilation system or to solve specific ventilation and acoustic problems in particular spaces.

Lu Papi & Associates took the inventor's ideas and redesigned the product in a way suitable for mass production. LP&A also helped the client organise the plastic moulding production and material specifications.

The prototype of the first Silenceair product, the Silenceair 240 Acoustic Wall Vent, won the prestigious ABC TV New Inventors 'Invention of the Year' award in 2004.



As seen on New Inventors Television Program

Silenceair has received a number of prestigious industry awards, including:
2004: CSR 'Innovation in Acoustics' award
2006: Silver Medal 'Geneva International Exhibition'
2007: Designbuild winner 'Best New Product'
2007: Designbuild finalist 'Best Eco Product'
2007: Voted one of the 'Top 10 Green Building Products' by the USA publication 'Sustainable Industries Journal' .



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