DHS Aussiscoop.

The Aussiscoop is a lock and release stretcher that LP&A were asked by Byron to redesign and engineer to cut production costs.

Each stretcher has 10 plates, originally made in metal. LP&A had to redesign the plates for production in plastic, find a raw material that would not be affected by a wide range of cleaning products and human discharges, ensure that the plates would not move on the metal claw frame and if possible develop a raw material that would also be translucent to allow for x-rays to be taken with the patient on the stretcher.

We met all the objectives, designing a new profile for the frame, ensuring that it would be comfortable for the bearers to grip, developing a suitably rigid and translucent raw material with the assistance of our materials science associate company and ensuring that the whole stretcher would be light, strong, rigid and easy to clean.



Aussiscoop - Scoop Strecher.

Whilst not traditionally a spinal unit the Aussiscoop is so rigid it is considered by many emergency services as a superior spinal unit for immobilisation and transfer of suspected spinal cases. The scoop also features low profile design, multiple attachment points and simple to use lock and release mechanisms.



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