Tstix - Mini Sauce Packaging

The key feature of the MiniPak™ is its functionality, ease of use, plus shape and design… particularly in its heart shape configuration, which adds an emotive ‘play’ feel to the package.

The ‘MiniPak™ is an individual self serve package designed to provide visible directional control over the flow of either one type or two types of a liquid contained within the dual-chamber package plus has AN IN-BUILT easy SPREADER FRONT EDGE (eliminating the need for a knife).

Once opened – it becomes a simple ONE HAND operation – with in-built ‘spreader’. Cleaner, simpler, easier to use…

It is ideally suited to two associated products, with one usage occasion – such as Ketchup/mustard for hot dogs; lemon and sweetener for pancakes, maple syrups, chili and sour cream for potato wedges, lemon and chili sauce for fish & chips, shampoo/conditioner; breakfast jams, honey, day and night creams…



Australian Design - International Market.

The Tstix Heart packaging was designed and prototyped inhouse at LPA. Several design concepts were developed and tested before the final design was produced and sent to market.




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